Our thoughts while trying out the Zacua MX®2 (feat. Daniel Lejtman, CE – KUNST

Our thoughts while trying out the Zacua MX®2 (feat. Daniel Lejtman, CEO of KUNST.MX)




Whenever you think of a car that is "Made In Mexico", you may be thinking on a Volkswagen, a Nissan or even a Ford, which are after all, oustandingly reliable cars that are manufactured in automated plants in Mexico's Carmaking Hub which is in the states of Queretaro, Puebla and Auguascalientes, where "maquiladoras", outsourced car factories that produce products (in this case, cars) beyond the boundaries of their origin countries.

However, in this ever-changing world, the rules of automakers have now changed, since there's a new guy in town. And this 'new guy', came with a mission to to make its name known, because it's 100% electric and mexican, and it's name is, Zacua.

Today, we have tested Zacua's first model, the Zacua MX®2, which is the first electrically powered car made in Mexico, and we're astonished by its light and intuitive ergonomics, energy efficiency and by the technology used. So, in order to shed us some light, the Director of Public Relations of Zacua, Mitzuko Garcia, has given us excellent insights at the following interview. Let's take a closer look at this amazing masterpiece of Mexican Ingenuity:


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