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Top 10 Online Marketplaces from Mexico that you should check


In recent years the world has witnessed the rise of marketplaces or digital markets, websites or apps that serve as meeting points between sellers of products and services and buyers.

These platforms take advantage of the advances in digital technology - such as online payment systems - to offer users the ability to make purchases quickly and safely. However, to stand out in this field it is not enough to create a purchasing system: the outstanding marketplaces offer added value, such as excellent customer service, logistics integration or the possibility of knowing the opinion of other users.

These are some hundred percent Mexican marketplaces that have already positioned themselves in their niche or that promise to do so. Have you ever used any of these?

This home beauty service was conceived by Christian Rubio and Miguel Alonso, who met while studying for a diploma at the ITAM. Through this app, users hire at home the services of a Beauty Couch, a person who offers aesthetic services. In addition to the convenience of not having to move, the company ensures speed and a good level of service quality. The best part? It is a self-employment option for women.

This platform promoted by Mariana Licona and her team connects food-loving tourists with gastronomic tour operators, building a bridge between consumers and small operators in rural communities. According to its creator and CEO, it aims to promote development in rural communities through its gourmet tradition, and at the same time, allow tourists to live the local culture through food.

Born in 2011 in Mexico City, this is an online bazaar entirely dedicated to Mexican design; Here you can find everything from clothes and accessories to decorative objects, gadgets, beauty products and kitchen utensils. According to its website, it is "the opening channel for all those who seek to go beyond the static offer of traditional stores and brands."

"From 'I want it' to 'I have it' in 99 minutes" is the slogan of this marketplace, whose function is, as the name suggests, to offer a simple shopping experience and a fast delivery time - precisely, of no more of 99 minutes–. It operates within the Mexican capital and in the metropolitan area, and allows you to track the product live from any device. Affiliated online stores include Sacional, Gamers and Shopify.

You guessed: Croquetero is a marketplace that offers pet food, as well as a wide variety of products with special discounts. In addition to safe shopping and the possibility of tracking purchases, it offers savings programs and a blog where it shares content of interest to animal lovers.

This e-commerce site calls itself “Mexico's largest online store specializing in the sale of direct import products”. His particularity? It offers substitutes for traditional high-cost options: from electronic devices to clothing, jewelry, toys and appliances of a free or little-known brand. In a nutshell: it offers wholesale prices on retail purchases.

Claudia de Heredia and Claudio del Conde had a visionary idea: to create a platform for businesses to have a virtual store in minutes. In addition to offering a striking and easy-to-use design, Kichink does not set a limit on products or services, guarantees safe operations and only charges for the sales generated. It also offers impeccable customer service.

Curious, isn't it? How can a platform with a German name be well positioned in Mexico and even in the first world? Created and founded by Daniel Lejtman in September 2018, this small, but growing and emerging platform began only supporting 42 brands of mexican design entrepreneurs and brands of production and ethical commerce, since by chance, this platform specializes in the trade and positioning of The small brands that it supports nationally and internationally, and due to its great variety of personalized services for its brands and diversity of products for its customers, have been able to expand their operations to Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union, in such only one year of its opening! And that's not all, but they give that Mexican touch to their shipping services, which usually costs between $ 6- $ 35, which they tend to deliver each order within 24 to 72 business hours. Plus, they can make their shipments completely free in a matter of 1 -2 weeks, per product.

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