Anacoreta – KUNST



Anacoreta is a brand made by Mexican hands. We look for beauty everywhere: in art, in our traditions and in nature, which are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.
The purpose of Anacoreta is to offer you unique products, since the artisan processes grant unique qualities in each of our designs, which are serialized even when they are in catalog. Likewise, we love working together with clients to help them realize their ideas, especially for important events.
Our motto is that "Everything is possible". From a sober and elegant design for the most traditional, to incrustations of Swarovsky ™ crystals for the most risky; by hand embroidery of works of art and funny prints with winks to different artistic currents. All this under a rigorous quality filter in each process of embroidery and sewing, which is our main characteristic as a brand: The fascination for detail.
Details that are accompanied with strict punctuality and attention, because we know that they will be part of an event / celebration and we like and honor to accompany you in the important.