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Albán Watch

Tonas Wood

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We fuse the 4 natural elements in a collection that inspires strength, movement, abundance and life. Through its vibrant colors, ancestral meanings and avant-garde designs, we capture the essence of Mexico in every design.

Product Characteristics:

- Japanese quartz movement with calendar
- Reinforced mineral crystal
- Mayan numeration
- Luminescent material
- Maple wood
- Stainless steel
- Laser engraving
- Zapotec iconography
- Water Resistance (Splash Free)
- 12 months Warranty

Zapotec Symbology:

Symbol = Meaning

Stairs = Stages of Life
Rattlesnake = Supreme Power
Seed = Ferility
Footprint = Evolution 
Foot = Path
Ant = Labor
House = Protection
Labyrinth = Pursuit
Snail = Contribution

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